Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 7 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 10.00%
    Additional terms • 5K Minimum instagram following • Approved affiliates will receive Lewis products to aid in promotion! Liz + Lizzy will work with affiliates to determine what products are the right fit based on audience type and product usability.
    Thank you for applying to the Lewis Affiliate Program! Lewis is a line of organic essentials for baby + kids, founded on the idea that prints + goods for children should inspire them as much as they inspire us. 

    As designers and moms, lifelong friends and Lewis Co-Founders, Liz Libré + Lizzy Ott found themselves looking for something that wasn't out there: nursery essentials that are childlike, not childish. As an illustrator and interior architect respectively, they set out to make their own organic cotton crib sheets, with prints that are loose and playful, like the things in nature that serve as their inspiration. Crib sheets quickly expanded into nursery + children’s essentials that feature prints such as stingrays, snakes and parsnips—mature and interesting for a parent, playful enough for a child.

    1.  Application Approval:  Affiliate application approval is at the sole discretion of Lewis.

    2. Commissions: Lewis pays a % commission on each completed sale, with a 7 day cookie window. Commissions are not applied to taxes or shipping charges.  If a product is discounted, the commission applies to the discounted sales price. Commissions will be paid once a month by the 15th of each month for the month prior. Ie. Commissions earned between Feb 1st and 28th will be paid on or before March 15th.

    3. Termination: 

    a. Affiliates who do not generate up to 10 sales in the first 4 months of program enrollment will result in an expired agreement. Future sales will not be tracked.

    b. Lewis reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate account at any time. Terminations of this nature will primarily occur for any of the below disallowed actions (outlined in point 4).

    4. Disallowed Affiliate Actions:

    a.  Inappropriate advertisements (false claims, misleading hyperlinks, etc.)

    b.  Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc.)

    c. Advertising on sites containing or promoting illegal activities.

    d. Failure to disclose the affiliate relationship for any promotion that qualifies as an endorsement under existing Federal Trade Commission guidelines and regulations, or any applicable state laws.

    e.  Violation of intellectual property rights. 

    f.  Offering rebates, coupons, or other form of promised kick-backs from your affiliate commission as an incentive. 

    g. Self-referrals

    h. Offering Lewis on third-party platform (ebay, etsy, amazon, etc.)

    i. Editing Lewis provided imagery to be misleading of product features (colors, material, etc.)

    j. Affiliate engaging in misconduct such as, but not limited to: cyberbullying, racism, hate speech, misinformation, etc. 

    5.  PPC: Pay per click bidding is not allowed unless prior approval in writing is granted.

    6.  Terms and Conditions: A full terms and conditions agreement will be signed by both Lewis LLC and The Affiliate at the time of affiliate approval.